Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday 13th 2011

Note: videos removed for editing.  Will be reposted once editing is complete.

So some old friends came down for Friday 13th this year.  Decided to have a few cigars and and a few drinks.  Below are a few photos and videos of the first night.  Lee will be returning in a week for part 2.  New photos will be posted then.  :)


Lee - Haven't seen this guy in 12+ years.
Justin - Old Army friend. Disappears for a couple years at a time.
Nick - Old friend from school.  Stays away for school a lot.
Tate - Old friend from school and business partner.  Still lives nearby
Then from the family side, we had my mom, sister and her 2 kids, my wife and our 2 children and myself.

A once in a lifetime picture

Lee passed me a few cigars, and this is what the humi looks like before I start digging in

Reminds me of the "gathering of players" from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds!

Man O' War Ruination courtesy of Lee

Devoured 4 pizzas and some beers

Story time

Lauren giving me the stink eye

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  1. Great nite! Good times! Many memories made! :0)