Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday 13th 2011

Note: videos removed for editing.  Will be reposted once editing is complete.

So some old friends came down for Friday 13th this year.  Decided to have a few cigars and and a few drinks.  Below are a few photos and videos of the first night.  Lee will be returning in a week for part 2.  New photos will be posted then.  :)


Lee - Haven't seen this guy in 12+ years.
Justin - Old Army friend. Disappears for a couple years at a time.
Nick - Old friend from school.  Stays away for school a lot.
Tate - Old friend from school and business partner.  Still lives nearby
Then from the family side, we had my mom, sister and her 2 kids, my wife and our 2 children and myself.

A once in a lifetime picture

Lee passed me a few cigars, and this is what the humi looks like before I start digging in

Reminds me of the "gathering of players" from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds!

Man O' War Ruination courtesy of Lee

Devoured 4 pizzas and some beers

Story time

Lauren giving me the stink eye

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unwrapping My El Diablo Cigar Humidor

This is not a review so much as it is me unwrapping my El Diablo Humidor that I bought from Cigars International.

The 2 packages

What's inside box number 1?

4oz Humi-Care crystals
They preloaded them with purified water for me! :D

Box number 2



Outside the wrapper

Front side

Top Side

Under the lid

Under the lift-out tray

The 2 felt-lined accessory drawers

I found a split in the lid :(

And a small nick on the edge that barely shows up on camera

This is pretty much all that I have for the tray

The 3 cigars that I managed not to smoke.  :)


The remainder of the Astrals provided by Lee for Kade's birth

The divider is actually leaning against the cigars in order to not fall over  :(

In its spot on my desk

I was disappointed that there were only 2 drawers as opposed to what appeared to be 6 drawers.  I guess I should have looked a bit closer.  Even though I was looking forward to the organization that I would have received from the 4 other "drawers", I did get 1 small divider for the tray and 2 large dividers for the belly.  The bad thing is the interior walls expand outward near the center of the box, so the dividers won't even stand up in the belly because they aren't long enough to touch the walls.

I also found a scuff on the lid that I did not take a picture of yet.  I believe it will come out with a little polishing.  The hygrometer has a sticky-sided magnet that will not stick to the cedar and it is brand new (yes I removed the wax paper from the sticker) so I will have to scrape the old off and put a new one on.  A small fix there.  Nothing major.

Aside from the few issues, the humidor looks great and smells awesome.  I can smell it sitting at my desk with the lid closed.  And who can argue with a place to properly store ~300 premium cigars?  :)

Overall, I think it was definitely worth the investment.  It should certainly do its job of protecting my investment of handmades and it will look great doing it!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wheel of Time - Magic The Gathering

Check out these MTG cards I found earlier today while browsing.  They were created by

Again, I am in no way associated with the creation of the art nor the cards shown here.  The cards were created by